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 Home > About Thailand > The Modern Monarchy > King Bhumibol Adulyadej


Bhumibol Adulyadej

Thailand's Strength of the Land

Ask any Thai to Select one day in a year that is of utmost importance for the country. No matter where in the country, or to whom the question is raised, the answer will always be December 5.

Not because of the day's significance as the country's National Day, in fact, many Thais tend to overlook this fact. All Thais, However, direct their thoughts towards the one person who has been the focal point of love, respect and affection over the past four decades and more.

As time passed, and thereby uncountable events and crisis, the Thai people have come to realize, and to be aware of their great fortune for being the subjects of the land ruled by the great and benevolent monarch whose main interest has always been his people.

During the May crisis, this outstandign fact was poignantly driven home among the Thais, and puzzled observers all over the world. His Majesty the King's intervention to stop the bloodshed, with immediate effect, was nothing short of a miracle that brought great joy to the Thais and enthused the world.

On the evening of May 20, 1992, about 50 million Thais were watching television and felt included in the historic audience granted by His Majesty the King to the Former Prime Minister and his opponent, Former Palang Dharma Leader, at the height of the conflict with the use of force against prodemocracy demonstrators. During that dark moment, His Majesty the King's words clearly echoed the people's sentiments.

".....looking at the situation, we could earlier identify objectives of the confronting sides. However, after over ten days, the confrontation took a dangerous turn, no matter how it is to be solved. It has taken considerable human toll, and caused tremendous damage to public and private property. Spiritual and damage was unspeakable. So, as of now, no matter how the incident developed and from what causes, things have fundamentally changed. Should the confrontation prolong, the country could be wrecked. This country that we have built up for such a long period, to be respected and admired, would become insignificant, or carry a bad name with it forever. This has become increasingly obvious. We have to start sorting out differences, and try to solve them. Problems facing us these few days are now changed from political issues. The main problem is not over the assumption of office, but the handing-over of power....."

".....what is urgent now is no longer the amendments to the constitution, but public safety and morale. The people everywhere are concerned over their personal safety, and the future of the country, which could beunredeemable....."

".....whenever a conflict emerges, for instance in a home. When it develops into a violence, involved parties often forget themselves, and the causes of conflict. So they end up fighting without knowing the cause, nor the prblem they try to solve. Each side wants to emerge victiorious. Who wins? No one. All become losers, those in the confrontation, and worst of all, the community, the country, the people. Conflict cannot be contained to just one area. Should Bangkok be damaged or ruined, the whole country would suffer. So, what is the use? What is the benefit of a victory on top of ruins........"

From that moment on, through each step taken on the path back to normalcy and democracy, His Majesty the King clearly showed his interest in following up the development, from the dissoulution of the House of Representatives, the inauguration of the newly-elected House, the appointment of the new coalition government, along with the people's hope and aspiration. For His Majesty, the people come first as the focal point of all activities, political, economic. diplomatic, or cultural. The people's well being has to be first and foremost in the minds of public servants of all types. The message has been clear in His Majesty the King's speeches to the Parliament and the new Government.

His Majesty the King himself has observed the principle of public well being from the beginning. This goes beyond public pledges or commiments. if has become the rule of the land and the principle of the reign. The bond of love has kept the Kingdom intact.

No matter what happens, the Thai people can look up to one person, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the ture strength of the land.

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